Advantages of TV Advertising

Britain is a nation of TV lovers. Although our media consumption habits have changed over the last decade, TV remains a firm favourite and a great way to advertise

Why television advertising is so powerful

TV viewing is changing but overall the increase in quality television means TV continues to be extremely popular and the most powerful advertising channel. There are numerous advantage of TV advertising. We look at the latest industry research which makes a compelling case why brands advertise on television.

At a glance

TV attracts large and targeted audiences for advertisers

Broadcast TV is still the most popular way we watch television programming, although there has been an increase in VOD (video on demand) usage and particularly subscription video services like Netflix. Of all the ways we consume audio-visual programming, broadcast TV is still the most popular ways of watching TV. On average we watch video content for 4 hours and 41 minutes a day, with broadcast TV comprising over half of our viewing time:

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Of all the media we consume, TV takes up more of our time than any other media. The average TV viewer watches 41 TV adverts a day – in total 2.5 billion TV ads are seen in the UK every day. And when it comes to getting ads seen, TV dominates for all audiences types – including the younger age demographics. The following chart shows we watch 18.5 minutes of TV advertising every day: 

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TV advertising is highly effective, both in the short and long term

In all studies regarding advertising effectiveness, TV routinely comes out on top. It scores highly in terms of creating short-term profits and long-term profits and is the most effective in business impact. Having immediate and longer term benefits is a particular advantage of TV advertising. A high impact TV ad campaign lives long in the memory.

TV helps all your other advertising channels perform better

One of the major advantages of TV advertising is the positive impact it has across all of your advertising efforts – amplifying the effect of other channels and making the ‘harvesting’ channels more effective, with TV advertising driving high levels of indirect online response:


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TV has unbeatable scale and reach

Advertisers can reach a large proportion of their target audience each week with TV. Here is the percentage of viewers each week who view television:

  • 94.5% of all individuals
  • 95.7% of all adults
  • 95.6% of all ABC1 adults
  • 92.5% of 16-34 year olds
  • 95.2% of men
  • 96.5% of women
  • 97.1% of households with children

TV is the emotional medium and advertising builds brand fame

TV ads are very powerful. They are usually viewed with other people. They spark conversation. They are on a big screen. And so they have high impact – and impact gets people talking about your brand in a way few other channels can. This is born out by research showing how TV ads evoke emotion, make people laugh and are liked by more viewers than other media. All this also drives sales and profits.

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TV is a trusted & safe environment for brands

TV advertising is highly regulated, which means that your advert is going to be placed against credible, safe and high quality programming. Most people watch ads from start to finish, ads are seen on a big screen with sound on and consumers research shows TV advertising is the most trusted media. The following chart shows how trusted consumers find each media:

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TV is great value

Another reason why television advertising is so popular is its value. TV enables you to reach highly targeted audiences at scale with high impact. Larger budget advertisers can help you reach millions of people and you can get started for a lot cheaper than you think – see our packages for starter advertisers.

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Much of the research contained in this page is sourced from industry research group, Thinkbox. You can find out more about the latest TV research here.


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