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TV Advertising Production

Want to advertise on TV? The first thing you need is a TV Ad. We can help!

High Impact TV Advertising Production

So you want to get on TV and need an ad. You’ve come to the right place. As a leading TV advertising production company we work with brands of all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re new to TV advertising, or an established brand wanting fresh inspiration, we’d love to hear from you.

At a glance

  • Be clear what you want your TV ad to do – we can help you develop ‘the brief’
  • Be open to collaboration: our team love working closely with client’s to bring their business and brands to life
  • Creative thinking and creative solutions are always possible, no matter how large or small the budget
  • Your ad will need regulatory clearance, so make sure you can back up promotional claims – we can guide you in the correct direction
  • We’ll get your ad in the right format to wherever it needs to go to – whether to a TV station or a digital channel or both

Good TV advertising production starts with the brief

First and foremost it’s crucial that you put as much information into the creative briefing form as possible. The more information you can share with us, the quicker we get to the most effective response. This includes letting us know what assets you have for us to work with.

It’s important to be as transparent with your budget as possible. Being a full service creative production agency we have the ability to tailor a production response to suit any budget, but the larger the budget, the more tools we have at our disposal.

We have an ‘no walls’ policy, which means we like to work with our clients rather than just for them. From script to screen, working together has many benefits. We love having you in for brainstorms right through to edits, audio mix and grade, so please do come in and work with us. It’s the best way to get to great, effective work.

When it comes to making a great ad, communication is key

You will be guided throughout the TV ad production process by one of our producers or account managers. To kick off the process we will provide a timeline, which you can check and be happy with prior to starting to production.

Don’t be put off by tight deadlines as we are used to them! We can turnaround a project within a week of sign off, which at times has included some shoots! This is because we have everything you need in-house, therefore our creative and pre- and post-production teams can work quickly and effectively together, moving the project forward at speed without compromising the creative.

We can be creative regardless of the budget. It’s only worth getting the camera out for a location shoot if you have the budget to do so. If we try to do too much for the budget the end result will look poor. It’s always better to keep things simple with a high end finish. This might mean that our response is in motion graphic form rather than a live action one. 

You can make really effective ads on a modest budget:

And with a little more budget you can get the cameras rolling:

Creative thinking, creative solutions

No matter what your brand or service, whether you are a first time or long term advertiser there is a creative solution for you. Working very closely with our media planning department we’ll help you decide what the best format and time length will be and take you from script to screen.

Regulatory approval required

For TV adverts, In the UK, every advert has to be cleared by Clearcast, prior to it being aired. We have a brilliant relationship with them and have cleared all types of brands over the years, including many first time advertisers. We will manage this process for you, making the experience easy and efficient.

Once your advert has Clearcast approval, we’ll deliver your adverts to the channel stations via Adstream. We will deliver your adverts for you, ensuring they are ready to go live.

Formats, Delivery and Distribution

If your advert is playing out across social platforms you will need to consider the different formats. Our social teams will create adaptable creative for you that will work across these different platforms and our designers can repurpose this creative for you. For social lead campaigns, we can manage the whole process through the delivery.

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