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TV Advertising Costs

How much will a TV advertising campaign cost me in 2024?

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What does it cost to advertise on TV in the UK?

TV advertising costs can be broken down into two main costs. The Creative (the making of your advert) and the Media (the cost of placing your TV ad on one or more channels). TV advertising costs vary significantly based on the ambition and scope of your creative and the cost of the TV media will vary based on your desired reach, frequency, channel selection and other market factors. Typically, the majority of your TV advertising costs will be spent on the media, so you can reach as many of the relevant audience you want to target with your message.

At a glance

  • TV advertising costs have two main elements: the cost to make the TV ad and the cost of placing it on TV channels
  • The cost of making a TV ad varies hugely depending based on the scope of the ad your want to create, but can cost less than £10,000
  • The cost of getting your ad on TV also vary for a factor of reasons, such as time of day, regionality, channel selection and time of year
  • TV advertising costs are more flexible as there is now a wide range of TV buying options such as advertising on traditional broadcast TV, to video-on-demand advertising, sponsorship and addressable audience advertising
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How much does it cost to put my advert on TV?

In general TV advertising is bought and sold on a cost per thousand basis – ie the price a channel charges to have your ad seen by 1000 people. This price is set by ITV and most broadcasters trade at either a discount or premium depending on a number of variables. The CPM cost of your TV advert campaign will vary based on the following factors:

  • Seasonality – costs vary by month (summer tends to be cheaper than autumn for example)
  • The trading audience – TV channels trade with agencies against many demographics
  • Advertiser demand – if there is a high demand for TV advertising in the marketplace, you will pay more
  • Length of the creative – 30 seconds is an industry standard for costing campaigns. If the length of your advert is shorter or longer than this, the costs will vary accordingly. The ad will need to be a multiple of 10 seconds in the UK market.
  • Time of day – Certain day parts are more expensive than others. For example, buying daytime TV advertising between 0900-1730 is cheaper than buying alltime campaigns.
  • Regionality – ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 and Sky give you the opportunity to target specific areas of the country. Generally this will be a higher cost per thousand than using the national only stations
  • Broadcast or Video-on-demand – most broadcasters now offer catchup and VOD services; you can buy more specific audiences through VOD but again cost per thousand will be a lot higher than broadcast channels

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How much does it cost to make a television advert?

To advertise on television, you first of all need to create a TV advert. The cost of making a TV advert ranges massively; it can be less than £10,000 and more than £250,000. It’s important you get your TV right; as a rule of thumb, many advertisers will set aside 15% of their overall TV advertising costs to pay for the creative with the remainder being spent on the media.

To create a television advert in the £10,000 mark focus your advert on the following:

  • Re-use existing video footage you have available
  • Focus on graphics rather than original footage
  • Consider using images in your ad rather than video
    Basic script and voiceover

To create a mid-priced TV advert, say upwards of £15,000 or more:

  • A single location shoot
  • Special effects
  • Animation
  • Voiceover and script

To create a more complex advert upward of £50,000:

  • A multi-location shoot or set
  • Use of talent: actors, celebrities, sports people, models etc
  • Sophisticated special effects

No matter what the size of your budget, with the right production team, you should be able to produce a good quality professional advert which represents your business in a relevant way.

Increasingly when considering the costs of creating a TV ad, many businesses will be thinking how the advert, or parts of the advert, can be used in other channels, such as social media advertising on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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How can I get more information on TV advertising costs?

Most TV advertising costs are based on tailored plans created for a specific business. Talk to our team to get started. We take time to understand your business, your campaign objectives and to work out a plan to deliver your brand and business goals. We can then create a tailored channel plan to meet your needs. The plan will normally include playout of your TV ad across multiple TV channels where there will be viewers you want to attract.

What types of TV Advertising packages are available?

If you are new to TV advertising, you may want to start with a modest budget and adopt a ‘test and learn’ approach; to give you an idea, we have created a range of TV advertising packages which include the creation of a TV advert and the purchase of TV media.

A more experienced TV advertiser may have a clearer plan of approach, understanding which channels are likely to work best for their brand.

However TV advertising can be cheaper than a lot of people think. As a starting point contact us to discuss a television advertising package. Each package has a fixed price to include TV advert creation costs and TV media costs. Each package will be tailored to your brand, with media plans created to maximise the impact of your ad and meet your business objective. And of course each package can be further tailored as required. Get in touch or call us now on 0800 133 7104 to discuss these packages or with any other questions related to TV advertising costs.

Understanding TV advertising costs further

We have a wide range of resources across our website to help you understand TV advertising costs:

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