TV Ad Production Process |

TV Ad Production Process

From script to screen and everything in between

The process to get your TV advert created and delivered to broadcasters

We have made hundreds of TV ads over the last decade. Although creativity is at the heart of television ad production, there is a clear process we follow to get ads made. This ad production process lets us work collaboratively, smartly and efficiently – which is good for creativity and budget management.

#1 Getting started

When you’re ready to go, we’ll supply a Creative Briefing Form that we can fill in together, covering all aspects of the creative. We’ll then create a timeline for the project. Then a dedicated producer or account manager will be assigned to work with you throughout the process.

#2 Ideas and inspiration

With the brief in hand we can start thinking creatively about the project:

  • A writers room is set up for ideation (we’d love to have you join us!)
  • You will send us any existing assets to help us with our creative direction. Including brand guidelines, font, logos and any footage.
  • Two or three top line ideas will be shared with you, ideally face to face. We’ll then decide which one we want to develop into script form.
  • Script(s) or creative will be shared with you and once we have approved the creative
  • We will submit the ideas and script with Clearcast, the body which approves ads for broadcasters

#3 Pre-production

For a shoot, we will share everything with you prior to the shoot day. We will have a Pre-PPM (Pre-Production Meeting) and a PPM where we will take you through every element of the shoot day. These include scripts, storyboards, animatics, casting, art department, location, make up brief, music & sound and the grade. You will sign off all of these elements along the way.

If preferred, we will shoot the content with you in attendance so that you can approve every shot.

Then in post production, we will share edits with rounds of feedback, once approved, we will voice, audio mix, grade. You will then sign off the final edits prior to us delivering to the platform. In the background, we will also have the edits approved by Clearcast or other compliance groups.

For a motion or design job, we follow a similar process, sharing scripts, mood boards, storyboards, and several stages of the design and or edit before you approve. This will then be voiced and audio mixed. You will then sign off the final edits prior to us delivering to the platform. As before, we will also have the edits approved by Clearcast.

#4 Feedback and final clearance

Throughout the process your dedicated account manager or producer will be on hand to discuss all elements of the production from initial brainstorm to final delivery, assisting you along the way.

We obtain final Clearcast approval. In the UK, broadcasters aren’t allowed to show ads that are misleading, harmful or offensive. So before ads are shown, Clearcast check ads against the UK Codes of Advertising, which set out what is and isn’t permitted.

#5 Sign off and distribution

Once your ad is ready and Clearcast approved, we ensure the master copy is made available to the relevant TV channels and our media planners.

We also create any versions and variants should you want your ad re-cut for digital video advertising on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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