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Sky AdSmart is a targeted TV advertising solution that delivers different ads to different homes during the same TV show. We are an independent re-seller of Sky AdSmart and give our clients trusted advice on planning, pricing and a clear understanding how Sky Adsmart can work for your business.

Sky AdSmart targeted TV advertising

Sky AdSmart is a television advertising solution which enables advertisers to target households with Sky and Virgin Media subscriptions. It uses data and other identifiers to target specific ads to specific homes meaning that you and your neighbour can be watching the same TV show but seeing different ads.

At a glance

  • AdSmart is a targeted TV advertising solution to deliver ads into Sky and Virgin Media households
  • Unlike traditional broadcast, where everyone sees the same ad at the same time, Sky AdSmart delivers different ads to different households based on smart targeting
  • It is a good solution for all types of brands and enables smaller advertisers to get started with a low minimum campaign price point
  • Sky AdSmart provides a range of targeting options based on demographic data, interests and location
  • We can help you buy Sky AdSmart and advice on how it fits together with other advertising channels

What is Sky AdSmart?

With AdSmart different ads can be shown to different households watching the same programme. As opposed to traditional broadcast, advertisers are able to target specific audiences using combinations from location, household composition, lifestyle or age. This means brands and businesses can now advertise on national channels but to selected relevant audiences. Put simply, you and your neighbour can be watching the same TV show but seeing different ads based.

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How does Sky AdSmart work?

Using data from Sky’s own customer data and information from consumer profiling experts such as Experian, Sky AdSmart allows you to pick and choose from a range of household attributes. There are hundreds of attributes and thousands of ways you can mix them to make sure your ideal customers get to see your TV ad. 

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Not only can you choose the consumer profile that you require you can also choose what part of the country you.

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Which brands should consider Sky Adsmart advertising?

Adsmart is accessible to businesses of all shapes and sizes. If any of the below applies to you then you should consider AdSmart:

  • Engage directly with your target audience
  • Target advertising to a specific region, city or even postcode area.
  • Stand out against competitors
  • Appear in premium/talked about and safe environment
  • Access a portfolio of over 100 channels including Sky and Viacom owned channels
  • Increase brand awareness and sales
  • Be on TV for as little as £3,000

What are the benefits of Sky AdSmart advertising?

  • Targeted – it allows businesses to engage directly with their target audience
  • Big screen impact – with AdSmart your message is delivered in HD on a big screen
  • Brand safe – guaranteed to be in “brand-safe” content
  • No skip charges – AdSmart does not charge if your ad has been fast-forwarded
  • High viewability – 75% of your ad must be watched until it is registered as an impression
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Why use AdSmart?

Increase sales and brand awareness

As an advertiser, Sky AdSmart allows your products to only be seen by viewers who will find it beneficial to them. It can also be streamlined to show viewers adverts for businesses located in their local areas, like shopping centres, schools, local car dealerships or restaurants.

As a viewer, with Sky AdSmart you only see ads that are relevant to you. This means that viewers can see products they never knew about, and advertisers can get more visibility, a wider reach, more impressions and more sales. AdSmart has proven effective at boosting ad recall because the targeted audiences are more likely to remember the ad.

Accessible to a wide range of advertisers

One of the best things about the Sky AdSmart platform is that it is accessible to businesses of all sizes. It means that both larger businesses that have an unlimited budget and smaller local businesses on a budget can equally benefit from using AdSmart capabilities.

Ads play only when their target audience is watching. This way both first time advertisers and brands accustomed to TV advertising can benefit equally from using the AdSmart platform.


It functions on a pay-per-watch policy. 75% of your ad must be watched until it is registered as an impression. This means that Adsmart does not charge if your ad has been fast-forwarded, skipped or if it suspects there is no one actively viewing. The viewer has to have recorded interactivity via the box in the previous 20 minutes to qualify as someone actively viewing your ad. Only then it is counted as an impression. This means Ad is viewed by humans and not robots.

How much does AdSmart cost?

Given the fact that you are targeting households based on specific attributes using data, the cost of AdSmart on a cost per thousand (CPM) basis is typically far higher than the CPMs of traditional broadcast television advertising.

That said, you can target smaller audiences – for example at a postcode level. So you can buy AdSmart campaigns from as little as £3,000. This is typically a far lower entry price point than traditional broadcast TV advertising.

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