Connected TV

Connected TV Buyer’s Guide


Welcome to our quick guide to Connected TV.

The landscape of television consumption is undergoing a remarkable transformation, heralding a new era in advertising methodologies. Among the forefront of these advancements is Connected TV (CTV), a paradigm shift enabling viewers to engage with a vast array of internet-enabled content through devices such as Smart TVs, streaming sticks (Roku, Amazon Fire TV), and gaming consoles (PlayStation, Xbox). This evolution presents an unprecedented opportunity for advertisers in the United Kingdom to connect with audiences in a more targeted and interactive manner.

Connected TV

The Evolution of Viewing Preferences

The UK is witnessing a significant shift in viewer behavior, with traditional linear TV viewership on the decline—over 25% of the audience now engages less with conventional TV than just a year ago. Conversely, ad-supported streaming services are on the rise, with a preference rate of 68% among UK consumers, underscoring a clear preference for this model over subscription-based alternatives.

Why Connected TV is Transformative for UK Marketing

Connected TV advertising stands out for its ability to deliver:

  • Precision Targeting: Surpassing basic demographic segmentation, CTV allows advertisers to reach audiences based on detailed criteria such as interests, viewing patterns, and even purchasing history
  • Enhanced Engagement: With innovative ad formats, including shoppable ads and interactive overlays, CTV ads engage viewers more effectively, driving measurable actions.
  • Insightful Data Analysis: Advertisers can access comprehensive data on viewer engagement and campaign performance, enabling refined and optimized marketing strategies.
  • Efficiency and Reduced Ad Wastage: CTV advertising offers a more efficient use of ad budgets by focusing on relevant audiences, significantly reducing the inefficiencies associated with traditional TV advertising.

Guide to Buying Connected TV Advertising

If you are looking to explore CTV advertising for your brand, get in touch. Our team offers a suite of services to integrate CTV effectively into your marketing mix:

  • Programmatic Buying: Utilize automated platforms for ad purchases, offering real-time bidding and unparalleled targeting precision.
  • Direct Deals: Secure premium placements through negotiated agreements with specific CTV publishers or content providers.
  • Over-the-Top (OTT) Advertising: Leverage our partnerships with leading TV platforms, including ITVX, Channel 4, and Sky Go, for targeted viewer reach.
  • Demand-Side Platforms (DSPs): Benefit from our expertise with Google’s DV360 platform, optimizing your CTV campaigns across diverse channels.

Connected TV Ad Formats

CTV introduces a variety of engaging ad formats

  • Pre-roll, Mid-roll, and Post-roll Ads: Strategically placed video ads that capture viewer attention before, during, or after content.
  • Interactive and Shoppable Ads: Engaging formats that allow direct viewer interaction, from learning more about a product to completing a purchase.
  • Pause Ads: Channel 4 On-Demand Service innovatively integrates ads during programme pauses, ensuring continuous engagement

CTV In Action in the UK – some examples

Case Studies: Pioneering CTV Advertising in the UK

  • L’Oréal: Partnered with ITVX for a targeted campaign, reaching beauty and lifestyle enthusiasts.
  • Cadbury: Launched interactive ads on Sky Go, enhancing brand engagement through gamified experiences.
  • Barclaycard: Utilized programmatic buying to engage young professionals on gaming platforms with innovative contactless payment solutions.

Unlocking Connected TV’s Potential

With our expert understanding of the CTV advertising ecosystem and the dynamic UK viewing landscape, we are ideally placed to help you navigate this new marketing terrain. We empower your brand to tap into uncharted markets, engaging with audiences through strategic platform selection, targeting precision, and creative ad formats.

In an era where the right message must meet the right audience at the right time, CTV advertising embodies the pinnacle of marketing innovation.

If you’d like to discuss Connected TV with our team, please contact us.

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