Universal Channel

Universal Channel

Advertising on Universal Channel gives brands access to premium US entertainment.

Universal Channel is one of the flagship channels within the NBCUniversal portfolio and advertisers can find themselves on the proud home of quality US drama which includes some of the hottest new programming coming express from the US.

The channel differentiates itself from competitors through its unique ‘characters’ positioning, showcasing uncompromising, fully-charged characters with heart. Universal Channel believes that when characters collide, stories come to life. Brands have the opportunity to sit on a channel that is confident and welcoming with a unique personality it leverages to entertain a broad range of passionate audiences.

Brands can find themselves amongst this great content and reach audiences through traditional spot advertising as well as channel or programme sponsorship.

Source: Sky Media
Universal Channel
Minimum spend of £15,000
Est cost for ad
£15 – £45
£25 – £75
£75 – £225
£10 – £35
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