Movies 24+

All the great content of Movies 24 repeated an hour later.

Advertising on Movies 24+ gives a brand access to a weekly reach of mainly women between 35-55 showcasing the same great content on Movies 24 an hour later. Movies 24+ is Life as It Should Be. That isn’t an unattainable ideal that makes viewers lives pale in comparison, it’s a celebration of the everyday moments that all too often life gets in the way of us appreciating (or even noticing). Movies 24+ provides a safe environment for our audience who know they can come and get a dose of feel good when it’s cold outside or they’re having a sacred moment of respite.

Audiences feel good all day with Movies 24+ and advertisers and brands can get involved with channel or strand sponsorship. In November, Movies 24 is rebranded to the extremely popular, ‘Christmas 24’ showing back to back Christmas films!

Source: Sky Media

Example Programs

Where Calls the Heart, Cedar Cove, Signed, Sealed, Delivered